What Does a Website Cost 2021?

What Does a Website Cost 2021? A simple breakdown with some Case Studies below

Website cost in 2021 vary, just like cars or houses, from free to tens of thousands plus, but a reasonable Rule of Thumb for affordable web design by a competent developer is to expect to invest about €250 to €300 a page. Any less and you have to worry that the Developer is inexperienced or is charging too little and will deliver little of use or value for you. “Why pay less when you can pay more and get better returns”.

So, there you have it, in theory, you can get a 5-page website for about €1500 and a 10-page website for €3000. BUT, stop! Before you give somebody any money, think about planning, design, and SEO Search Engine Optimisation. Are you going to get a custom graphic design or just a design theme? Who will optimize your new web presence to ensure that it gets found in a Google search for the right keywords or phrases? How will you advertise it? Who will manage it? Who will maintain it?

The bottom line is that asking for a price is usually the wrong question. Why exactly do you want a website at all? What do you want to achieve? Who is it really for? It is very important to have a coherent plan before you start. Include the planned wireframe or layout, design, content, SEO, and advertising strategy in this plan or Brief. How do you plan to benefit from any investment?

Making your new web presence work well for you takes someone’s time and that investment needs to be factored in at the start. A good web design agency should be able to guarantee that you get a very good return on your investment in their Team.

We even offer a Money Back Guarantee to ensure we only work with clients where we can deliver value. So there is no real cost as such to you, just a temporary investment or drain on your cash reserves. What would it cost you to get it wrong?

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Website cost in 2021

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FREE is doable if you have the time to commit. However, if you plant the right seed, you will harvest the right return, so you want to get this decision right.

source: meanit.ie

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